Random Thoughts . . .


Hi, and welcome back …

Some time has elapsed since my last post. I have been rather busy dealing with health issues, and hanging onto the roller-coaster-ride called Life. Nonetheless I continue with my daily reading, and the constant research into the issues that most concern me – and they are many – keeps my mind ever active. Far too many issues lately, in fact, to find time along my journey to contemplate the whys and wheres and whens of it all. I’m a committed procrastinator, with High Distinctions and many Credits after my name, so to even consider prioritising the manifold issues can be just too mind-bending. My on-line Library at pocket.com is brimming with reference material and must-reads, all to be completed yesterday, as usual (procrastinator’s work ethic), and the list of unread email subscriptions and and links grows exponentially day by day… And every day has its “must share this now!” moment…

So, instead of hangin’ about, waiting for that really big, huge, gobsmacking blockbuster moment of discovery to share with any remaining readers, a Grand re-Entrance if you will, its probably more appropriate to return with a whimper, and not a great big bang! While my perspectives are never out-of-the-ordinary, I take much pleasure in anticipating that my efforts might enlighten you sufficiently to encourage your own discoveries in the wonderful, beautiful, exotic, bizarre, confusing journey that we all share during this time of great change and awakening…

Bon Voyage…



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