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What Use Is Knowledge?


“Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven” ~ William Shakespeare


I was having a conversation over coffee regarding the lack of relative and informed news in the MSM, and was hit with a quote from an “enlighted” New-Ager. That quote is the title of this post. I was stunned, and momentarily speechless (notably unusual). Of course, within seconds I found a myriad of obvious responses,  but before I could open my mouth I realised that words would be totally wasted upon this person, and anyway, the moment for timely response had quickly passed.

What use is knowledge?

Driving home I thought about the separation and  isolation created for any serious searcher who steps outside the parameters of Consensus Reality…

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Back Again

  • There’s no point to setting up a new Blog if one doesn’t post… but procrastination produced by a period of poor health soon put pause to my primary efforts, so here goes with another attempt… (don’t you just hate flashy alliteration?).

It’s as obvious to me as a pimple on a penis that some very evil forces are going-for-broke in an attempt to plug up the many holes in, and regain control of, their manipulated reality game. Unfortunately not enough are taking notice of what may actually be occurring to effect a meaningful resistance, while blindly bedazzled by the bright lights and constant bombardment of flashy media distractions, and can’t be relied on to be an effective part of the solution while remaining ignorant of the problem. Ergo, don’t hold your breath waiting for a hero to arrive just in the nick of time to save us all from the dreaded many-headed Hydra (and if he/she does, watch out for Hilary Clinton and/or the Anti-Christ!) – you’re on your own, and until you can see that, then you can function effectively in neither your own personal evolution, nor peripherally in the evolution of others (should you presume that right, besides). Continue reading Back Again